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A group of members decided to be part of this run which was wonderful to see. Plus Lea & Barry Westley and family were last minute additions who decided to join as well. This made a total of 31 who set off using the Old Princes Highway as far as Monarto and then across country to the river town of Mannum some 70 Kms away.

The day turned out to be a perfect Autumn day just right for a leisurely drive along less frequented all sealed roads. The route wound down into the township along the River Road thus avoiding the main street and giving us a very pleasant parking spot beside the Mary Ann Reserve by the River Murray.

Those who attended were:-

David & Althea WALSH – Citroen

Ian & Marilyn BELL- Valiant V8

Doug & Vivienne HILL – Porsche

Rivette MURPHY – Holden Ute

Lesley & Rex JEANSCH – Toyota

Gay & Graham BROOK – Toyota

Ken & Lorraine WINEN – Jaguar XJS

Harry & Vera MOYLE – Holden Commodore

Gordon & Di THORPE – Jaguar XJ6

Peter & Cheryl BARREAU – Austin Healey BJ8

Mike GREENWOOD & Jan DINAN – Mercedes Benz

Carleinne Vandernakker & Kym – Toyota

Sigi & Tina STOEGER – Rover V8

Joe & Heather GEUE – Ford Falcon Ute

Lea & Barry WESTELY & Family – Holden Commodore

The group moved on to have lunch at the Mannum Community Club where we had the benefit of a superb view of the River with all the activity drifting past along on the River Murray. After a delightful chatty meal with all the members we left and some headed over the river on the ferry and returned back home to Strathalbyn on the other side of the Murray for a change. Other members had a chance to catch up with other friends or used the day to see the area then made their own way back.

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