Our club has a wide range of classic and collectible cars. We offer historic registration, regular weekend and mid-week runs, community involvement and social events. We meet regularly each month so please have a look around our website and contact us for any further information.

Heading 6

Because of the latest chaos in the world with this horrible virus ALL car runs, general meetings and gatherings have been cancelled until the 1st June.


The committee will then look at this situation again and gauge how everything is going. We want to keep you all safe and the government have asked that all larger gatherings be cancelled. 
We ask that you all, stay well and the committee will come together again in June, and re-assess the situation.  


If any of you, know of other members who are NOT on email, I ask if you are in contact with these members, could please pass this information on. Should you have any questions please don't hesitate to contact the president Glyn Morris or Kate Knight regarding this decision. 


Use this time to polish those beautiful classics or get any repairs done ready for when we gather again.


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