Log Books

Strathalbyn Auto Collectors Club Inc


There are three things they must have to be able to complete the update of the Club Registration of these;

1. A receipt of payment of your Renewal fees

2. The current Log Book

3. The the current Registration Paper, the original, not a copy.

There is not a need to present your car for inspection or to fill out a Vehicle Declaration Form at this stage, it can be done when this situation has passed. Remember it is always the REGISTERED OWNERS responsibility to ensure the Vehicle / Bike complies with any of the conditions of Club Registration.

Members are not required to enter Vehicle registrations into the log book, that is an option given to the member should they wish to do that. The 3-year registrations in log books do not always if ever line up with Club Membership expiry details and the Vehicle Registration papers must be endorsed and stamped by a Club Registrar, that is the current law.

Club Members are not authorised to enter Club Membership details into log books as they are not an Authorised Person and they do not have a club stamp which is also the current law to stamp log books.

We ask that you post your Log Books and Registration Papers to the SACC Inc PO Box 329, Strathalbyn, 5255, and include with them a stamped envelope with your address on it for them to be posted back. When your Log Book and Rego papers have arrived and a receipt has been issued for your Membership Renewal Fees they will be given to one of the Club Registrars to process. Once processed they will be posted back to you.


A reminder is given that while you do not have possession of your Log Book it is illegal to drive or ride your Club Registered treasure. Also, as and from 1 July 2020 if the above has not been finalised you cannot drive your vehicle until the above has been done.

I wish you all the best and hope that soon we can have some normality in our lives so we can get back to enjoying the activities of this great Club of ours.

If you have any questions please contact Barry Marr Ph 0447 870 232 or 85368646