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Joan's Pantry at Hawthorndene


Gee it was cold when we all met at Colman Terrace! At 09.00 am for the 09.15am start it was 7.7 degrees but it was fine where a total of 10 cars of various vintages headed off to the Ashbourne Road and Bull Creek Road on our way to have the coffee stop in Meadows at Mawson House. We were joined by a couple more couples and we spent an hour and a half enjoying some quality time together.

While the cold followed us to outside Mawson House was a hive of activity inside with our mob joining others with the same idea, to order a hot coffee/ tea plus some of the scrumptious delights, quite a buzz of happy comradery. There was no need to hurry with plenty of time to chat before heading off on the second part of our outing, through the Adelaide hills to Blackwood and Hawthorndene and to Joan’s Pantry. I must say that the staff at Joan’s Pantry are very adept at catering for slightly larger groups and when Jenny & I

arrived the majority of our lot were busy seated and perusing the menu. It certainly is a given to forewarn the various eateries these days as it seems so many are heading to their favorite food outlets that booking is essential with birthday groups deciding to celebrate out

rather than at home.

From the members I spoke to at our table the food was varied but all came quickly , very beautifully cooked and presented. A big tick for Joan’s Pantry!

On the run in a variety of moderns were:

Doug & Vivienne Hill; Kate Knight, Jason Wotton; Ian Hogben; Bob & Elaine Sellar; Roy Shelton & Carmel Chell; Colin & Tricia Goodrich; Adrian & Sharon Sakko; Steve Roberts; Rory Liebelt; Roy Smith; John & Jenny Howard and Ian & Marylyn Bell plus Jenny and myself.

The member who got the gold star was Roy Smith for turning up and driving in his MGB with the hood down, well done!

Mike Greenwood - Events

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