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Updated: Dec 10, 2018

We had a very good roll up at Ashbourne for the Old Fashioned Picnic which saw our Club and the HMVC Victor Club members join on the edge of oval as much as possible under the very sought after shady trees.

Rod Schultz and a small team headed off before our group and took with them several of our gazebo’s which added to the required shaded area available which was much appreciated given that the weather report was for the temperature heading into the 30’s.

Our group arrived after the short drive from Colman Tce and soon had all of the picnic paraphernalia out and all troops comfortably settled in their chairs. A continual stream of wonderful Classic and earlier vehicles kept arriving until half of the area around the oval had been taken up, what a sight!

We had our new MG out as the MGC was not quite ready but there was a terrific line up of cars from our Club; David Patterson - Morris Minor, Rex & Lesley Jaensch – Mercedes, Jason Hogben & Kate Knipe – Holden, Rae & Cameron Mighall – MGB, Di & Gordon Thorpe – Jaguar, Gavin Johns – Sunbeam, Barry Marr – MGB, Lyssa & Rory Liebelt – Holden, Glyn & Chris Morris – Jaguar, Gilbert & Heather Haywood – T Model Ford, David Bullivant & Sally Menz – Austin A30 Saloon, Peter & Cheryl – Austin Healey, Ian & Heather Henschke – Buick, Colin & Vicky Hanks, John & Willi Taylor – HZ Ute, David & Vivien Pegler, Jim & Chris Huxtable, Tim Hunt.

There were also some members with dual membership to both Club’s: Roy Shelton & Carmel Chell – Daimler, Bob & Elaine Sellar – Mercedes, Doug & Viviene Hill - MGTC & Stan & Lorraine Quick – Mercedes.

So a very good array of cars which all reside locally and are brought out for such events as this and so great to see.

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