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BBQ at Colman Tce - May 22


In some way this event was going to be a small event, firstly I changed the location from going to the Ashbourne Oval for our meal and secondly this time of year is not conducive to many as it is in the start of winter.

The move to Colman Terrace was because there are no suitable facilities, certainly not as nice as we have right here in Strathalbyn with the Council just finishing the new setup; new seats new structure with a couple of solar panels and new hotplates.

However we had some intrepid members who braved the weather and brought along their morning breakfast in a variety of top quality servings.

In attendance were:

First to arrive was Rory Liebelt with all his breakfast table and cooking gear, he has done this before!; John Dawson also made a very quick meal; Elaine & Bob Sellar came all the way from Willunga ; Colin & Tricia Goodrich were there plus Roy Smith and myself who used the new hotplates after John Dawson and I had cleaned the dreadful state we found them as

someone had actually walked over the plates and had left some plastic heating one of the two plates, why do people do this sort of thing!!! anyway we all had a chance to have a chat with Brian & Kathy Markwick and also Gordon Thorpe who had his little dog, Mia, under total control, well nearly! Also Roy Shelton & Carmel arrived a bit later.

So I will try to make the next BBQ run in slightly better temp next time!

Mike Greenwood - Events

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