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Coffee & Chrome Registration Day - Jun 21

Updated: Jun 12, 2021

6thJune 2021

The committee were conscious of the difficulty holding this event would be if the weather on the day was for scheduled rain, there was a plan B if this was the case, however although a cold day there was no rain in sight.

Early arrivals were Rod Schultz with the Club’s trailer and a number of Club members and their historic vehicles as part of the Coffee & Chrome part of the day as well as setting up the marquee and tables for the registration for members to pay subscriptions and to arrange for logbook updates and renewals. There were also several members cooking sausages, a tradition at registrations days.

The Coffee & Chrome days are always held at the end of Colman Terrace and we always see a number of wonderful Club members cars coming and going or just staying to see the parade, just have a look at the photos!.

The wind did come up early in the morning but by mid-morning some of the winter coats did disappear. Certainly the coffee van was seeing quite a good trade with coffee cups being used for hand warming as well.

The Historic Registration system marquee did have a line-up of members waiting to pay their subs and or get new logbooks but this line-up gave members a chance to meet other members while waiting. From around 09.30 till 12.30 a substantial percentage of members had completed their responsibilities and were then free to do a walk around all the cars displayed, a number of whom a seen at Club events regularly.

Mike Greenwood - Events

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