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Coffee n Chrome

What a year it has been! The virus hindered many events both public and private.

The Strathalbyn Auto Collector’s Club (SACC) virtually “shut down” from March to October and today’s Coffee N Chrome was their final event for 2020.

The weather was overcast and with misty rain and strong winds they had their doubts members would venture out. However, on Sunday 6th December over 68 Classic cars gathered at the bottom of Colman Terrace, Strathalbyn.

Most of the cars were from the SACC club members, but they did have some join in from Victor Harbor and other’s driven up from the City.

For a Club that only began in 2012 it has come a long way in 8 years, from 9 members to now over 300. The Club has 226 cars, 10 motorcycles and 6 trucks all on historic registration.

The oldest vehicle on Sunday’s event was a 1912 type 32 Delahaye. The vintage vehicle really has some history. What you could only call the shell of this vehicle was found in the scrub out near Blanchetown back in the 70s. It was taken back to Adelaide, but unfortunately the new owner had serious trouble finding what was needed to rebuild this classic vehicle and decided to stop working on it. It was, put up for sale in the late 70s and was purchased by local man Mr Roy Shelton in the early 80s.

Mr Shelton spoke to family and businesses all over Australia on the hunt for parts for his beloved car. It was not until family were travelling to France in 1983 that he was lucky enough to find himself a much-needed motor. The motor was shipped out from France and the restoration of this beautiful vehicle really begun. Mr Shelton took the vehicle on its first car run to the Barossa in 1986, after several years of restoration.

The second oldest, car on Sunday was a vintage 1926 Model T ford. The vehicle is in its original condition and owned by a Strathalbyn local Mr Gilbert Haywood. The ford was first driven by Mr Haywood back in the late 60s when he was young 18-year-old lad. This was the first time he had driven a Model T and instantly falling in love with the vehicle.

For over 50 years Mr Haywood tried buying the car from its original owners, but to no prevail and it was not until the vehicle became available through a deceased estate that he was able to purchase it for himself. But Mr Haywood has run out of storage space and has now got his beloved Model T up for sale.

The Strathalbyn Auto Collector’s Car Club has a “very active” social side, and each month they try to do new and exciting things for their members. Club numbers are growing constantly, and each event brings new people asking about joining.

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