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Glyn Morris Mystery Run

Updated: Jul 7, 2019


As we won the Mystery Run last year (and I still don’t understand why) this year it was our turn. We have done a number of these over the years and this is how we plan it. Doug gets out a map with a distance in mind, usually around 100 kms. Then we find somewhere that will cater for lunch and we are off. About a month before the event we go for a drive along the planned route looking for answers. That’s right find the answers then work out the questions. Just a few mistakes apparently as there were more strange mail boxes than what we saw and what people in the know called bins we called silos. But when you are in charge only your answers matter.

Obviously we didn’t do the run but everyone who left Strathalbyn arrived safely in Mount Compass. Here our grand daughter Matilda was given the job of marking, we had two or three with the same number of correct answers but Matilda managed to sort it all out and Roy and Carmel were our winners. They were duly awarded the Glyn Morris trophy for the next 12 months.

It was a shame some of us had to wait so long for lunch while others received a cold meal. Anyway we all chatted on as the rain fell down outside. We heard that the occasional strong shower made some people miss answers to clues. Oh well, better luck next year.

Vivienne and Doug

The following headed out to tackle the challenge!

Mike Greenwood & Jan Dinan MGC

David & Vivien Pegler Mini Cooper S

Elaine & Bob Sellar – Range Rover – failed to start

Rae & Cameron Mighall MGB

Roy Shelton & Carmel Chell Daimler Mk2 V8

Barry & Josie Marr MGB

Kate Knight Ian Hogben & Jason Holden HQ

Rory Liebelt Holden Kingswood

Gilbert & Heather Haywood A Model Ford

Rivette M Holden Statesman

Doug & Vivienne Hill – Event organisers

Di & Gordon Thorpe Jaguar

Glyn & Chris Morris Jaguar

Tim & Jeanette Hunt MX5

Karlene Vandernakker & Kym Toyota

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