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Glyn Morris Mystery Run - May 2021

16th May 2021

It takes a lot of skill, ingenuity and patience to be successful and win the competition, competing against a number of members who have tried very hard to win each year but have been unable to answer the highest number of questions; well this time first timers Colin & Tricia Goodrich managed to beat all comers and take home the trophy, so congratulations were given on the day.

As is tradition last year winners Roy Shelton & Carmel Chell sent the members off at one minute intervals handing them the sheets with the questions and the directions to decipher.

The run saw the cars head down through Langhorne Creek then Left and up to Woodchester and on to Callington. Here they took a couple of turns around answering questions and onto the Old Princes Highway via Kanmantoo and then right and head through Harrowgate and then head for the Old Mill Hotel in Hahndorf for lunch. The contestants were all sitting down having lunch except for one lost soul who managed to extend his drive by taking a 20 Km extra trip over a dirt road all the way to Charleston and got rave compliments from all for their ability to not read instructions!

This event always has members doing quite a lot of reversing and doubling up on roads which really confuses the locals along the way! However all were happily enjoying their run and the chance to catch up with the other Club members.

On the run were:

Colin & Tricia Goodrich; Kym Arnold & Carlein Vandernakker; Barry & Josie Marr; Rory Liebelt; John & Jenny Howard; Mike Greenwood & Roy Smith; David & Vivienne Pegler; Rod & Jill Schultz; Adrian & Sharon Sako; Ian & Marylyn Bell; Stan & Loraine Quick; Bob & Elaine Sellar; Glyn & Chris Morris; Kate Knight, Jason Wotten & Ian Hogben.

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