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Updated: Dec 10, 2018

The early start was needed for us to coordinate with the Vauxhall Car Club group coming from Adelaide and our lot coming across from Strathalbyn via Callington, Monarto and Mannum for the delightful cruise beside the mighty Murray River all the way to Walker Flat where we waited for the Vauxhalls to join us on our final run towards Swan Reach.

I was a bit worried when Rivette went to get coffee at the little kiosk at Walker Flat as she was travelling with Bryan & Sonia Chapman in their Vauxhall and this was the lead vehicle waiting to go onto the ferry , low & behold Bryan drove onto the ferry without her!! All the Strath group then followed Bryan and we left Rivette behind! Not to worry though she caught a lift with another of our group with her coffee still hot!

One must stop at one of the vantage spots to view the full extent of the Murray’s grandeur, the high cliffs and the meandering old river which is always spectacular. These vantage spots are not highly advertised, just a sigh with the Blue P! Very under rated I feel.

The drive into Swan Reach took no time at all and we were welcomed by the larger than life Tony Friebel, President of the Murray Mallee Auto Club plus other members at their Gallery. This is a completely restored building, once a garage, they started with just the steel framework and over time restored the building now fully insulated galvanised iron clad and up to the minute electrical wiring security and painted throughout. Inside their Gallery were some really special examples of classic vehicles one would love to have!

The Swan Reach Gallery is open each Wednesday & Saturday from 10.00 am to 1.00pm and has some very nice examples of English and European Classics all fully restored including a nice Datsun 280 Z, an immaculate Mk2 MGA roadster, a superb Mercedes Benz 2 door Coupe and a very rare Jaguar Mk.10 there was also a Dk Blue Porsche also a Hemi Chrysler and several others. If you venture up through Swan Reach on one of these 2 days do make a point of calling in, well worth the effort.

Our group had arranged to have the local club provide us with a wonderful BBQ lunch and sweets plus tea & Coffee at $20.00 pp which saved us from having to take/buy lunch.

After that we headed out to a nearby farm to see a man who has collected nearly all models of John Deere tractors over the years .

On the run were; Peter & Cheryl Barreau, Ken Winen, Ian & Marylyn Bell, Sonia & Bryan Chapman & bRivette Murphy , Graham & Brenda Simpson, Roy Smith & Keith Bowler, Don Greiveson, Peter Casley & his family, Rae & Cameron Mighall, Jeff Parkinson, Dave Bullivant & Sally Menz, Glyn & Chris Morris & Alcan, Dave Walsh & Carleen Vandenakker, Colin Hanks & Mike Greenwood & Jan Dinan

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