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Goolwa - Our Last Run for August 2020

The last day of Winter 2020, certainly the most concerning period of time for the world all over. On a rather over caste and windy Sunday morning.

Despite this situation there were 24 members who wanted to get their vehicles our and take them for a lovely run along well known local roads to us all.

It seems that the fact that there is no initial start gathering only means that when I include a coffee stop into the mix the gathering just transfers the enjoyment of catching up to this next place.

In this case we had the opportunity to see all the paddocks along Ashbourne Road so green and lush and all those mighty gum trees looking so healthy, what a sight. From Ashbourne we all drove sedately along Bull Creek Road on our way to have a heart starter at The General Store, Finniss. Even though we were seated outside, such a popular spot now, one must book!, this did not seem to deter the members one little bit.

I did allow for plenty of time before the Goolwa Hotel designated time of 12.30 but we certainly beat that, not to worry, the staff at the Goolwa Hotel were fabulous and gave us the back room basically all to ourselves as people started to dribble in until all 24 had arrived and were seated. I believe that they all were happy with the changed arrangements, no picnic!

In no particular order those who ventured out were:

Carlene Vandernakker; John & Jenny Howard; Ian & Marylyn Bell Valiant V8; Gordon & Di Thorpe – Jaguar XJ6; Phil & Wendy Kenyon; Cameron & Rae Mighall; Peter & Cheryl Barreau; Stan Quick –Mercedes Benz; Glyn & Chris Morris Jaguar XJ6; Joe & Heather Geue Ford Falcon Ute and new member Nic Newton driving his lovely Falcon Ute plus the old bloke with the white hair in MGF making up the total of 24.

The next run is to be a mid-week run to Mannum on Wednesday September 9th in the form of the three ferries run, details will be forthcoming

Mike Greenwood - Events

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