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Ladies Day - 8 Apr 2021

Di Thorpe very graciously agreed to host the second Ladies Day for the SACC. A total of 13 ladies met at Colman Terrace near the Council Chambers then they went into the library with the opportunity for them to enjoy the history room and gain awareness to resource available to borrow or purchase.

From here they decided to walk across the Angas River up to the High Street to visit the choice of shops to peruse and some purchases took place along the way. The Potting Shed was the first place at 4 Sunter Street where some purchases occurred with a note to return and then on to The Strathalbyn Community Arts & Craft Shop at 9 High Street which drew interest it was noted that the volunteer on duty was very informative.

It was great for them to see that Lucy has reopened the High Street Antique Collections at 20

High Street – the comment here was Great Selections, 41 High Street the woman’s fashion shop was the next on the list and again scored some sales. After this over to Jack’s for lunch which was well received with prices from the menu being very reasonable. From the High Street the group retraced their steps over to Colman Terrace and drove down to the railway station for the next part of the day near South Terrace and spend some quality time at the Museum Heritage Centre where they enjoyed a rewarding time under the guidance of their volunteer John who gave them a very informative walk through showing the historic artefacts within the building. Comment made that they want to go back!

After this they sneaked into The Corner Bakery (not on the original sheet of visits) for coffee and drinks and this meant that they only just made it into the Station Masters Art Gallery with ten minutes to spare – again a comment - nice volunteer and they need to revisit!

According to the following members on the day:

Jenny Howard; Marylyn Bell; Rae Mighall; Jill Schutz; Vivien Pegler; Lorraine Winen; Sandra Bishop; Noreen Smith; Cheryl Barrau; Cheryl Pullman; Lyn Hall; Vicki Loffler & Di Thorpe that they voted to do this on a regular basis - maybe bi-monthly.

Di Thorpe - Strathalbyn

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