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Memorial Day

On Sunday 21 st November the Strathalbyn Collectors Car Club held its annual Memorial Day event. This event was started in 2019 after one of its youngest members was killed in a car accident and the committee at the time decided it would be good to hold an annual Memorial Day event to keep all the past members alive in our minds.

On the morning of the 21 st , cars slowly started to arrive, and the sun appeared from behind the clouds, it was going to be a good day. More and more cars appeared and were pointed into the right direction by club members John Howard and committee member Jason Wotton.

By 10am we had 58 cars and 2 motorbikes all waiting to be judged.

There were 8 classes to put your vehicle into, they were:

Holden, Ford, Chrysler, American, English, European, Open & Motorbikes.

Of course, we had mostly European cars, but nevertheless, we had some beautiful vehicles from all the other classes.

The winners on the day were:

Holden: Kate Knight, Holden HQ premier 1973

Ford: Barry Martin, Model T 1919

Chrysler: Rod Schultz, Chrysler Regal,

British: Colin & Trish Goodrich Austin A40

European: Bob & Elaine Sellar Mercedes Benz

American: John Cotton Studebaker Avanti

Motorbikes: Julie Stone Harley Davidson

I would like to thank everyone that came along and made the day a huge success. And a huge thank you to our wonderful committee and judges. I believe our judges were exhausted by the end of the day from walking from one end of the oval to the other and several went home and collapsed on their couches for the afternoon.

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