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Murray Bridge Run - March 2021

I knew that as the month of March is closer to April the chance of having a dry day for a Club picnic is marginal but never fear! Let’s just see Eh! Well 25 assembled in Colman Tce for the 10.00 am start and although cool and threatening the rain stayed away until we got to the other side of Langhorne Creek but it was very misty rain at that. By the time we got to Wellington Ferry the clouds were lighter and higher. With 14 cars in our group after 3 runs the lot of us were happily ensconced at The Hall for the bakery and coffee stop, this is a stone building and added outside seating area beside the connecting road between the ferry and the Princes Highway.

Due to covid requirements there is a clear Perspex sheet between the staff and us which had a hole for us to hand over our card or money, however several of our party are very hard of hearing and the voices both ways tended to bounce off the Perspex, rather weird seeing our members bending right down at waist height to speak and hear to get their orders taken. In the end the girl walked around the long desk and took the orders!

I took a few photos of our cars beside the building and then ordered my coffee and enjoyed chatting for about an hour and when one gets up the message is seen and we all decided it was time to go. The run sheet took us just into Tailem Bend and then down the side road to wait for the Jervois ferry, again a bit of a split up of our group to get us all over the river and the final leg today into Murray Bridge and down to the Sturt Reserve alongside the river.

In case the weather turned nasty we decided to use a shelter, one of 2 near the toilets and while this was in some ways a good idea it seemed that it was much windier in under the shelter that outside.

The picnic lunch was soon in full swing and everyone spend plenty of time chatting and watching the antics of Heather and Gilbert Haywood’s little puppy, Oska, very friendly and with a lovely nature, who wanted to play and be friends with everyone. Cameron & Rae Mighall’s little dog, Monty, is obviously their pride and joy and he was also enjoying the day. I know some took the opportunity to head for the shopping area and others spend more time relaxing before heading back home.

On the run were:

Roy Shelton Carmel Chell in the Blue Daimler V8; Adrian & Sharon Sakko in their modern white Jaguar; Roy Smith in the ever reliable MGB Roadster; John & Jenni Howard in their Gold MGF; Heather & Gilbert Haywood & Oska in his Ford Victoria; Stan & Lorraine Quick in their Mercedes Benz V8; Cameron Rae & Monty in their bright yellow MGB Roadster; Myself in my MGC Roadster; Rory Liebelt in the very popular Holden Kingswood in chocolate & white; Peter & Cheryl Barreau in his beautiful BJ8 Austin Healey; Good to see Ian & Marylyn Bell in their lovely cream Valiant V8; Ken & Lorraine Winen driving their irridescent green XJS Jaguar saloon; Glyn & Chris Morris in their champagne modern Jaguar saloon; and David & Vivienne Pegler in their lovely Mini- Cooper made up the happy group.

Mike Greenwood - Events

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