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Run to Lobethal - Sun 3 Jan 2021

Updated: Feb 11, 2021

For those who decided to go for a drive it was a very pleasant day weatherwise, cloudy at first which gave way to scattered cloud and mid 20’s temp. ideal for those who chose to bring their classic’s. I was very happy to see everyone in fact we were all pretty glad to get out and away. There was plenty of talk seeing we had not had a run for about a month.

There were 19 who started at Colman Terrace and others either joined in Macclesfield or at The Wistow Bakery.

We did have several who had wives who were not up to the trip and there was also a new member who intended to come but sent me a text apologising, may be next time Brian from Clayton! What a busy bakery that is in Wistow, so ideally located away from other shops and development. The staff were all very friendly and appreciated the fact that we always let them know numbers.

The noise was constant provided by all those noisy SACC members and about 11.00 we gave them back their bakery and de-bakery ed! New word! The next part of the run was down to Woodchester on the road a lot of people used when the roadwork on Long Valley Rd was happening. From Woodchester our cars had the 100 KM spirited section to Callington and then turned left after the railway line to Melbourne (Hardly used at present, what a shame!) Then along the hardly used Old Princes Highway all the way to Nairne. A great section where we saw at least two other Car Clubs members in some classic and modern Fords also off towards Murray Bridge or possibly to one of our favourite river towns, Mannum, a lovely sight some of whom waved back! Well the chrome bumper ones did anyway!

From Nairne our group went via Woodside to Lobethal for our organised lunch in support of the publican of the Rising Sun Hotel in Lobethal who stayed and served service groups attending the dreadful fires which ravaged that whole area from Cudlee Creek right through to Brukunga this time last year. A pleasant group with social distancing prevailing spend a total of 2 hours or so having their meals with most more than happy with their choices.

In attendance were in no particular order;

John & Jenny Howard –MGB; Adrian & Sharon Sako – Jaguar; Cameron & Rae Mighall – MGB; Kate Ian & Jason;– modern truck; Ken & Lorraine Winen - Jaguar ; Jeff Parkinson – MGB; Peter & Cheryl Barreau – Austin Healey; Stan Quick – Modern; Bob & Elaine Sellar – Mercedes Benz; Roy Shelton and his son Glen and Carmel Chell – Daimler; David & Vivienne Pegler – Mini-Cooper; Rory Liebelt – Torana; David & Althea Walsh – Citroen; Myself and Rivette Murphy – MGC and Gavin Johns joined us as far as Wistow in his Sunbeam. So all in all a very enjoyable trip with most going as per the instructions but all got there right on the dot of 12.00 noon!

Mike Greenwood – Strathalbyn - Events

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