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Run to Middleton - Aug 21


On a very pleasant day there was a total of 25 members who gathered at the end of Colman Terrace for our mid-week run for August 2021, also Carmel Chell had gone to the Strathalbyn Hospital in advance to help get Rivette Murphy into a wheelchair and be waiting for our cars to do three turns around the car park and we waived and hooted our horns to help give her a bit of a lift.

After that I asked Cameron & Rae to lead us off for the next leg of our drive stopping for a few minutes for Carmel and Roy Shelton to re-join the cavalcade in their V8 Daimler. Apparently the wheels fell off a bit as Graham Simpson’s Ford Fairlane “failed to proceed” and he had to go home and pick up Brenda’s Jaguar with Scot Mumford collecting the Fairlane, and also apparently we lost some of the group when we did a bit of a cross to get onto the Nine Mile Road to Milang from Langhorne Creek Road . The ones who did follow the yellow MGB waited in Milang and drove past Ken & Lorraine Winen’s blowing our horns again; seeing Ken is very sick as well. We then kept going towards Finniss for our Coffee and cake at the General Store.

A very happy group spent well over an hour outside the café in the under cover area taking over quite a fair number of the tables and there appeared to be no reason to move on, must be something to do with the fact that we only have one mid-week run each month in the cooler months, I have not seen so many classic vehicles there! And that was before we arrived!

After a pretty decent time frame, we gathered up all the group and after a quiet drive via Currency Creek we arrived at the Middleton Tavern for lunch. A variety of different options on the menu seemed to please all the members and we all got down to some serious talking, with several new members enjoying this first outing. So another very enjoyable event for the members of the Strathalbyn Auto Collectors Club again.

On the run were:

Roy Smith, Roy Shelton & Carmel Chell; Rae & Cameron Mighall; Colin & Tricia Goodrich; David & Vivien Pegler; Steve & Irene Roberts’; Ian & Marylyn Ball; Terry & Lynne Hall; John & Yvonne Dawson; Carleen Vandernakker; Bob & Eileen Sellar; Rory Liebelt; Gilbert & Heather Haywood; Peter & Cheryl Barreau; Graham Simpson; John Harrison and myself.

Mike Greenwood - Events

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