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A cloudy day to start with and later on sunny with a nice breeze which was perfect for this visit to Steve & Bev Paech’s property between Wistow and Mount Barker.

For those who had been before it was great to have a look at all the items they and their families have kept going back over 3 generations. For those who were first time visitors were greeted with such a huge variety of farm and household memorabilia all in one location, quite overwhelming!

A total of 18 members headed out of Strathalbyn for the relatively short run through Wistow to the Farm.

As they signed the sheet:

Rory & Lyssa Liebelt; Roy & Noreen Smith; Keith Bowler and friend Loraine ; Reg, Emily and Barry Westley; Jan & myself; Gilbert Haywood; Ian & Bev Evans; Peter Barreau; Leith Ferguson and friend Elizabeth & last but not least Rivette Murphy made up the friendly group.

Over a cuppa Steve Peach gave a brief history of the changes over the years of the crops grown on the farm, the family living accommodation through the years and how it was run in days gone by. Bev Paech then gave a brief talk about the collection of items spread over all the outbuilding and the main homestead.

We all then went up to the top buildings and worked our way down back to the bottom shed where we were served a lovely selection of BBQ meats and fresh farm grown salads and the most delightful fresh baked breads, plus some more little tarts and cheese & biscuits, there was either tea or coffee to finish up with.

Our members spent lots of time reminiscing over all the old newspapers and just wandering around this shed with such a variety of items from stationary engines to tractors and all forms of tools which have survived the years.

This collection by such an enthusiastic couple is testament to the fact that they are already booked out well into next year, so we were lucky to have had such an opportunity organised by our Bryan Chapman.

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