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Swan Reach Run - 25 Oct 2020

There was somewhat of a return to Colman Terrace starts for this event which was really

appreciated by those who came. Most were in their wonderful 30 plus year old machines so it was a wonderful and quite colourful parade as we left Strathalbyn on our drive to Swan Reach, there had been some early rain and all except a few misty spots was all we saw all day. So most had made the decision to uncover the machines and top up the petrol tanks check the oil & water as one does with the older cars.

The view either side as we drove along saw some very healthy crops nearly ready to be cut but as we got closer to Swan Reach the crops were marginal. I suggested to all that we stop in Mannum for a heart starter but we should have delayed until we got to Walker Flat as the line-up at Lovells was long and the coffee was cold. Anyway everyone was glad to have the opportunity to catch up or meet other members and friends, given what has happened in Victoria, SA is the lucky state.

The run took us from Mannum along the Northern side of the River Murray which wound along

beside the river or past paddocks still quite green until we started the descent into Walker Flat. Once across on the ferry most stopped at the wonderful viewing area overlooking the little hamlet and with the stretch of the mighty Murray to our left and right. All the cars waited for the regroup and we then drove the 23 Kms into Swan Reach where we were met by the very friendly members of the Mid-Murray Car Club who were our hosts during the next couple of hours.

A visit to the Club’s car garage was a must for some and the two Op Shops seemed to be very

popular as well before we all went up to the Town Hall for the promised BBQ lunch followed by tea, coffee and apple pie & cream for sweets in their beautifully set up new rooms at the rear of the hall. After this a number of us were given the chance to view one of the largest collections on John Deere tractors around before deciding to head home.

A big thank you to all in Swan Reach, Well done!

Those on the run were:

John & Jenny Howard with their prospective new members Adrian & Sharon Sakko; Peter Casley and his daughter Julia; Carlein Vandernakker and Kym Arnold; Ken & Loraine Winen and grand daughter; Gilbert & Heather Haywood & puppy Oscar; Stan Quick; Barry & Josie Marr ; Gordon & Di Thorpe plus puppy Mia ; Roy Liebelt; Phil & Wendy Kenyon; Roy Shelton & Carmel Chell; Barry Lee Westley & Myself.

Mike Greenwood – Strathalbyn

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