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Weekender to Robe - Sep 21

Updated: Oct 25, 2021

It is said that all roads lead to Rome! But in our case for those on the SACC weekender – One road lead to Robe. A total of 38 members and friends reserved the 17th to 19th of September 2021 for the chance to do a longer drive and see a different part of South Australia. While most had been to Robe before going as a group is a significant change from family trips and being slightly older meant the pace was a bit easier. As well as the humans a number of the group had their ’best friends’ along for the ride!

In my case the place to stay was the Sea Vu Caravan Park which is perched on the top of a headland which has an uninterrupted sea view, funny that eh!, anyway I arrived on the Thursday when the weather was absolutely stunningly perfect and backed my van into the allotted spot with the panoramic view straight ahead. Then the wind came and this change in the weather was to stay for the next 5 days, wind! It was absolutely constant. And you can guess where Gilbert & Heather Haywood’s site was! Yep! Right on the top of the slope. Great in fine weather but not over that night, they were blown about, and his little caravan took the full force of the wind. Young John & Jenny Howard had asked to be re-sited in the lee of the hill pretty well protected by adjoining site cabins and that is where we helped Gilbert move his whole rig to beside John & Jenny, a much nicer spot.

The next day was when most of the members and their dogs started to arrive some staying in one of the other 3 caravan parks or at motels which were pet friendly. A continuous period of time during which members drove via the Wellington ferry to Meninge for morning tee/ coffee before the rather drab driving section to Kingston for a quick lunch and the shortish drive down to Robe. Within about an hour all the cabins above my caravan were full of familiar faces and after settling in began circling the caravan park catching up.

That Friday night we all gathered at the prebooked Robe Hotel, and they gave us a very nice room adjoining the bar/dining area where some of the group had a chance to meet some of the new members were brought into the fold so to speak. After a couple of glasses of wine etc. the meals started to come out and it was a great success, good company, good food and pleasant surrounds. Next day the itinerary was a short drive to Southport where we all arrived about 11.00 ish and spread out to one of 3 places where they could get a warming hot drink as the weather was not the best, cold gusty winds and some driving rain made outside a real challenge. Barry Marr gathered us together via phones and we set off to view the wonderful drive along the scenic road with a number of viewing areas where we could see the treacherous seas below. After that we adjourned to the café around the corner, the Waterfront Café for a hearty lunch in out of the wind, and then the party broke up and we all headed back to Robe to prepare for the evening BBQ in the Sea Vu Caravan Park huge park facility & BBQ rooms.

I am sure you have seen some of the photos of these strange throw-backs in time; people dressed to the nines! No? Look on the website it is all there! We took over the facility and members had been very clever in what they thought would have been clothes worn back then; when their Classic, Veteran or Vintage machine was brand-new. Seeing each couple or individual coming through the door was absolutely stunning. The best dressed Couple went to Vivien & David Pegler, the best dressed female went to Heather Geue, and the best dressed male was Barry Marr and his stunning 70s wig.

Much food and conservative drinking made the evening go pretty well I reckon, with wonderful movement changing places and talking from about 6.00 pm until 10.00 ish. I was very impressed in the way our group took the responsible part of making sure that there was no mess at all, and all the BBQ hotplates were as we had found them, ready for other people in the complex to use. The Sunday was a bit of a replay of the night before to try and use up leftovers before a return to Strathalbyn over the next couple of days depending on how long their trip was if extended or not. So all in all a very successful and enjoyable weekend away from my point of view and I am pretty sure that all who attended were of the same opinion.

And the catch cry was………………….. Where to next year??????

On the trip were: Ian & Marylyn Bell, Joe & Heather Geue, John & Jenny Howard, Barry & Josie Marr, Ian Hogben, Kate Knight, Jason Wotton, Mike Greenwood, Vivien & David Pegler, Steve & Irene Roberts, Adrian & Sharon Sakko, Bob & Elaine Sellar, Roy Shelton & Carmel Chell, Doug & Vivienne Hill, David Paterson & Colleen Brown, Cameron & Rae Mighall, Gilbert & Heather Haywood, Rod & Jill Schultz, and Keith & Meredith Green.

Mike Greenwood – events

Kate Knight – President.

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