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Going Round The Bend - Wed 3 Feb

A total of 16 cars met at Colman Terrace with 29 members and prospective members to go to The Bend and take our road going vehicles around several of the race tracks, this is the third time groups experience this organised event over the last 4 years organised by SACC.

The Bend organisers gave us plenty of time to be there so I suggested that we go via the Wellington Ferry as there is an ideal little Bakery on our way just after leaving the ferry called The Hall, plenty of safe parking and very friendly staff saw everyone enjoying the chance to get to know each other or to catch up again seeing that we had not had the cars out for close to a month.

It was a very pleasant day weather wise and in no time we had parked and all headed in to the main building at The Bend Motorsport Park to sign in and receive our wrist-bands ( no wrist band no chance of getting on the track). After our track briefing by the staff we were told to line-up to go onto the track behind the pace-car, a bright red Ford V8 Mustang with special decals. At the 80Km speed we were all able to negotiate most of the corners with a bit of a sprint along the main straight adjoining the main building. There was lots of excited drivers and passengers when we came off the track, most probably 20 minutes or so out there. So the cars and drivers had plenty of muscles needed particularly those with manual gearboxes!

The group then left the cars to cool down and we all headed to the main administration doors and up the stairs to the Fuel Restaurant for our lunch meal which was part of the deal.

Our group then enjoyed a nice meal with some cool drinks and then spent over an hour talking amongst ourselves no really wanting to leave having this opportunity to talk and enjoy each others company.

Making up the day were:

Rory Liebelt – Chocolate/ White Holden HQ; Rob & Vicki Loffler – Red Jaguar XK 150 Roadster; Malcolm Drewer & Sue Skibinski – Gun metal Grey Jaguar E Type Roadster ( About to Join SACC); Steve & Lachlan Turley – Silver Honda; Lynda Shelton-Tummel & Greg Tummel- Dark iridescent Green Lexis ; Colin & Tricia Goodrich - Grey Mitsubishi Lancer; Jeff Parkinson & Visitor, Rod Frahm – Red MGB Roadster; John & Jenni Howard- Katoomba Grey MGB Roadster; Adrian & Sharon Sakki- White Jaguar modern; Rod Schultz- White VJ Valiant Ute; Roy Smith & Carmel Chell – Iridescent Blue Daimler Mk 2 Saloon; Gary Bishop & son, Ian Collard – Maroon Ford V8 Mustang; Rob & Joan Leppinus – Maroon Series 1 XJ6 Jaguar ;Ian & Marylyn Bell – pristine White Holden Commodore Stn Wagon; Roy & Noreen Smith – Red MGB Roadster & Mike Greenwood – Red MGC Roadster.

Mike Greenwood – Events - Strathalbyn

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