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Mid-Week Run to Tailem Bend - 21 March 2019

Updated: Sep 4, 2020

The weather was pretty well perfect for this run however the organizational side to it was not!

Earlier in the week I did the run only to find that the intended coffee stop was not going to be opening, in fact it appears permanently closed.

Not to worry our intrepid mid-week runners made an executive decision in Colman Terrace to go to The General Store at Finniss instead, this of course would change the run sheet but we all know these back roads pretty well so this was an easy decision.

I made a call to alert the staff at Finniss who came to the fore with some 30 new clients descending on them relatively early in their day, however no problems and by the time I arrived there were lots of tabled full of SACC members chatting happily while waiting to get their heart starters!

The majority of out group spend a good hour and a half before getting back in their cars for the drive to Tailem Bend. Unfortunately for several couples our changed arrangements meant that they spent time waiting along the way however all caught up eventually at the Tailem Bend Hotel.

The run from Finniss was via Milang then along the Lakeside and then the sharp turn to the left to the Wellington-Langhorne Creek Road where we by passed Wellington and drove to the Jervois Ferry and from here it was a short trip to the hotel itself.

The staff at the hotel were very attentive and all the meals came nice and hot, to my knowledge all were very pleased with the meals, despite the fact that we had 10 more than I had told them.

We had two new couples on the day Geoff Fisher and his partner Loretta and also John & Yvonne Dawson, as well a number of others including David & Penny Leonard and their son, Ken & Lorraine Winen, Doug & Viviene Hill, Bob Sellar, David & Colleen Patterson, Roy Shelton & Carmel Chell, Rae & Cameron Mighall, Roy Smith & Keith bowler, Graham & Gay Brook, Don Grieveson & rod Schultz, Peter & Cheryl Barreau, Lesley & Rex Jaensch, Ian & Marylyn Bell, Rivette Murphy and Jan & myself plus Leaf Ferguson & Elizabeth Kelsey drove across from Littlehampton in the Mini and we had the following historic type vehicles; a number of MG’s Jaguars Mercedes a Daimler, Fords, a Valiant and a Holden plus an Alfa Romeo and a recently purchased Austin 1800 on the run with all returning home safely.

Mike Greenwood - Events

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