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Milang Railway Carraiges - Jul 21



All the reports of us about to receive severe weather havoc?......... It just went away apparently.

A total of 18 Club members at the appointed time were to start with 3 more heading straight for Milang.

A hastily re-jigged run sheet was explained to give a bit of a lift to one who would normally be with us but due to worrying illness is in the Strathalbyn Hospital. Rivette Murphy who has apparently the best room in the hospital with a view over the bridge and in the foreground can easily see all the parked cars in the car park, so the instruction was to slowly drive around the car park and blow horns and wave to her, which we did- TWICE! I had pre-warned her to see if she was able to get to the window, to look out for a few of our cars around 09.30 am and she was up and thrilled to see this spectacle! A small gesture! but I know she really appreciated it.

Our run via Woodchester and Langhorne Creek saw us at the Milang Railway Carriages in no time to be met by members of the Port Milang Historic Railway Museum who proudly maintain this local treasure. The first public railway in South Australia, linking Goolwa and Port Elliot, was completed in May 1854. Its purpose was to link the recently-established Murray River trade with ocean-going ships as it was held that the mouth of the river was too hazardous for navigation.

Over the next 2 hours we were given a history lesson plus the most incredibly authentic railway carriage experience of Coffee and tea plus scones with jam and cream all round for the princely sum of $7.00. But they can do a full lunch as well with all the staff being volunteers, such a great opportunity to give back to the local Mannum community.

Some of our group then departed and the majority of us headed straight to the Robin Hood Hotel in the Strathalbyn High Street where we again complied with the QR scanning before sitting down for a lovely lunch with some great friends. The food here was very impressive and generous sized and well presented meals.

Quite a number of our group then headed up the High Street to the Gilbert’s Motor Museum for a chance to see some exceptional examples of vintage, veteran and classic vehicles which have been saved from Mr Sims. Check out their Facebook Page!!

So another full day enjoyed by some great people with memories befitting the days.

On the run in no particular order were:

Doug & Vivienne Hill – Off white Volkswagon; Cameron & Rae Mighall – Plastic; David & Kaye Olds – brilliant Orange BMW 2002; Adrian & Sharon Sakko – Artic white plastic jaguar; Leith Ferguson & Beth Kelsey – Red & White Mini 850; Myself – Campion Red MGC Roadster; Rex & Lesley Jaensch –Plastic; Bob Sellar – plastic; John & Jenny Howard – Gold MGF Roadster; Roy & Noreen Smith – Red MGB Roadster; Carleen Vandernakker – plastic; Vivien & David Pegler – wanabee Classic Yaris.

Mike Greenwood - Events

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