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Mt Barker Show - 29 Mar 2021

“The Show Must Go On” as the saying goes! It certainly did in 2021 after missing 2020.

There was plenty going on at this show this year, All sorts of rural competitions, cattle, sheep, goats chooks ducks and other sideshows all around the showground on a slightly coolish day but a case of putting the jumper on and off several times was all that one needed to do.

Representing the SACC were eight different makes of cars of the nine members cars proudly on display.

Our small given area was between the SAPOL Historic Society on one side and a group playing unusual types of wooden and other musical instruments but we were in a great spot on the main oval as we look out the back of our area at three food and drink vans, so not far to walk for all that wonderful food one is not normally allowed to have, but must try at country shows. We all had to be on the oval by 08.30am and pretty sure we achieved that requirement and set up our position with the big flags on the edges and with the 9 cars all around the gazebo by 09.00am.

As most know there is always interest in the cars being over 30 years old plus and this day was no different, there were times during the day when one member or another were asked about one or other of the cars, the talk coming back to us starting off; I remember….. or Mr Dad, Uncle, Grandpa used to own one of these but it was………………(different colour); and we all get used to this, and had lots of pleasure quietly hearing their stories and what highlighted experiences they remember from earlier days. The most popular on the day was definitely Keith Green’s stunning Bright Blue Mini, as well as being a great colour it is exceptionally well prepared and Keith, I think, really got the prize for most time spent talking to one or two people at a time but right through the day.

These sort of events always allow for members to gather who have not met other members other than at monthly meeting so there is plenty of time to chat and this creates deeper friendships given that we spend so much more time together and this is a special benefit I am sure in becoming more involved, I encourage more to participate in this way.

The following members and their cars were on display:

Joe Geue – Green Ford Falcon Utility; David & Kay Olds – Bright Orange BMW Series 2002; Roy Liebelt – Chocolate Brown /White HQ Holden Kingswood; Kate Knight & Ian Hogben- Pink Holden HQ ( Princess); John Owen – Yellow VW Kombi Van; Peter Casley – Black Riley Pathfinder; myself – Birmingham Orange MG6; Roy Shelton & Carmel Chell – iridescent Blue Daimler Mk 2 V8 and Keith Green- Bright Blue Morris Mini.

Following the event a very sad note – John Owen’s Kombi suffered an engine fire on the way home at Wistow and had to be trucked home.

Mike Greenwood - Events

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