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Updated: Aug 15, 2019

Just like the MG dash layout!


What a perfect day we had for this special run, kindly organised by Bryan Chapman.

The assembly at the end of Colman Terrace was a happy starting point and it all got better from there!

Although we mucked up the intended run instructions everyone made it quite easily via Callington, up the hill, left turn just before the Monarto Zoo entrance then the long straights to the Palmer Road with lush green pastures and sown crops all around.

A right turn took us back towards Murray Bridge where we did a quick turn to the left and a nasty driveway to the property, well it was for me in my MGC as there is a steel pipe across the drive which gave out a very unpleasant metal on metal sound as we went over it!

As we approached the aerodrome Bryan Chapman was there to direct us into a special area, save some from a fairly long walk to the buildings. We gathered our lunch bags and were escorted into a building with full viewing of all the planes activities, this was to be where we had our lunch after watching the little red plane with aerial expert pilot Chris Sperou warming up and doing his required mechanical checks.

Chris spent a good 10 minutes doing all sorts of aerobatics from spins and twisting climbs and dives to upside down flight so close to the ground1 Wow! All of this display sending out a spray of smoke which made it so much more spectacular.

We all adjourned to the main hut for our lunch and there was plenty of tea and coffee for all

After this we were invited to adjoining hangers to be shown Bryan’s son Michael’s 4 seater Jabiru plane with particular interest in its engine.

There were a total of 31 members on this trip and I am sure all enjoyed the day out. They were:

Rivette with Kym Arnold as her passenger in her Holden; Roy & Carmel Chell; Kate Knight with Jason & Ian in the Holden HQ; Ian & Marylyn Bell ,Valiant V8; Jan & I in our MGC Roadster; Bob & Elaine Sellar Mercedes; Roy & Noreen Smith and Keith Bowler; Peter & Cheryl Barreau in the Austin Healey BJ8; Gilbert Heywood in his A Model Ford; Paul & Nayrene Maloney, Mercedes; Ian Henschke & Ken Collins in the lovely blueBuick; Viviene & David Pegler( on crutches) ; Stan & Lorrain Quick in their Mercedes; Ed Kowalewski in the yellow Triumph TR7 and also along were Dave Bullivant and Sally Menz.

So a very friendly and chatty group spent quality time learning about those who enjoy flight and we thanked Bryan and Michael Chapman for the opportunity to venture into the world of flying even if still safely on terra-firma!

Mike Greenwood - Events

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