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Summit to Summit Run - Sep 22

Wednesday 21 September 2022

One cannot control the weather but can only adapt to it - and that's exactly what we did. While the run was promoted as being from Summit Road Mt Barker to Mt Lofty Summit, it was planned that if the weather was suitable, we would take the short track up to Mt Barker Summit car park and take in the view. Over 45mm of rain in the days just prior saw the track deeply washed out and rutted making it out of the question to use, so we headed into Nairne to try out a new coffee stop. Jambo Sana Cafe was very accommoda

ting, and everyone enjoyed a drink and nibbles while Rory showed photos and video of what we had missed out on at the Summit. It was then onto Oakbank and Balhannah and the drive along Greenhill Road through Carey Gully, Uraidla and Summertown and My Lofty Summit Road to the carpark. There was just a very light drizzle as we neared Mt Lofty but when we arrived, there was absolutely no view out over the city due to low cloud which seemed to get thicker as time went on. Not to worry, it was nice and warm in the cafe. Just as well we had pre-booked as there was a bus tour in and the cafe was busy. I didn't hear any complaints about the meal and everyone was happy to just sit and chat for most of the afternoon. Thank you to those attending.

Mike Greenwood and Jenny Way - MG modern

Rory Liebelt - Mercedes C200

Ian and Marylyn Bell - Commodore

Vivien and David Pegler Commodore Ute

Cameron and Rae Mighall - MGB

Colin and Tricia Goodrich - Jaguar XJ6

Geoff Fisher and Loretta Stoeger met us at Mt Lofty.

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