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Two Garage Visit - 14 Mar 2021

The first garage we visited was at Scott Mumford’s who operates as Fastlane Garage and was ready to receive the 22 members and friends who parked beside his two sheds.

Displayed in a semi-circle were a selection of very nice cars all waiting we found out for some parts so that they could be returned to their owners, in his workshop he has 3 hoists all with cars in “work in process” situations, a beautiful Holden Torana which has been at one of our Coffee & Chrome events, a very nice replica AC Cobra and in the back was a 1936 Oldsmobile which was waiting for its engine up on one of the hoists, Shane also had a very nice Commodore which is in very nice condition. Shane was saying that he is waiting for parts for a turquoise Australian made MGB about a 1970 model which was a very unusual but original colour.

Shane had very kindly set up a table with tea and coffee for us to have a cuppa and we all had the run of the shed and talked in groups for about an hour but Scott was also interested in some of the cars members had driven to his place in so the time seemed to go pretty quickly.

We formally thanked Scott for not only opening his shed but in setting out the cars so we could comply with the Covid requirements of distancing. Normally he would have some tripping hazards, like engines or gearboxes ready to be repaired and dropped back in the cars but the shed was immaculate, so thanks Scott for all your help again.

The group then followed my car for the short drive to our second shed visit in Belvedere belonging to Brian & Brenda Campbell. We parked in a semi-circle adjacent to their big undercover pergola to start with and were given a special guard of honour by four very friendly ducks who just wandered amongst our group while introductions were made by all the members to Brian and Brenda.

The group then headed over to Brian’s very well organised and tidy garage to have a look at an MG he has been restoring over the last 12 months or so. He spoke with everyone about this car and the way he has tackled this restoration. Everyone was very interested and appreciated what he was doing.

By then the general consensus was that seeing it was such a lovely day with just enough sun to warm our backs we adjourned to said pergola to set about the cooking of the brought BBQ and salads around a very large family sizes outside table with two lazy Susans to give you an idea of its size. In other words plenty of room with lots of outside furniture able to accommodate all 18 of us. Special thanks to friends who drove over from Goolwa, Peter & Vickie Shipside in their MG carrying some delicious cream filled jelly cakes which were a real hit, clean plate I believe!

It was a very pleasant group and we must have spent well over 2 hours chatting and moving around with Brenda and Brian being wonderful hosts providing additional food and coffee and brownies before some started to leave.

We thanks our hosts very much for going to all the trouble that one always does when guests turn up, so thanks again to all the member hosts for allowing us to spend some time with them, I know that they did enjoy our visit as well.

Mike Greenwood – Events

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