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Wallaroo Weekend - Oct 22/23

Wallaroo Weekend Away

October 22/23, 2022

A small but willing group of 15 made the easy drive to Wallaroo Holiday Park for a weekend of visiting local attractions and eateries and generally having a good time. Some arrived Thursday, some Friday and some Saturday. Everyone drove their “classics of the future”.

Saturday morning was spent firstly by getting a heart starter at the local Coffee shop in Moonta, and then a very interesting and informative run on the tourist train around the old Moonta Mines. Did you know that Moonta copper ore was some of the purist, or most productive in the world? Or that the Wallaroo smelter was the second largest in the world? All here in South Australia!

Lunch was at the base of the Moonta Bay Jetty, with the rest of the afternoon free to sightsee. That is, up until 4:30 when the fun really began with the Red and White themed Happy Hour and a game of Two-Up. Everyone got into the spirit (or spirits) of it but no-one could outdo Roy and Noreen for their costumes. Well Done.

Dinner at the Anglers Inn was enjoyed and then back to the Camp Kitchen for the Red and White Quiz. Isn’t it annoying when the answer you want is stored in the brains’ computer but the retrieval system fails. Congratulation to Heather Geue for winning the quiz.

Several people had to head home on Sunday, so we visited the Kadina Farm Shed Heritage Museum which is on the way. Shed after shed (and I mean BIG sheds) of historical stuff and vehicles that you could spend a day wandering and still not take it all in. Jason found an old CFS truck built by his grandfather, while everyone spent time reminiscing over things from earlier days and being thankful for the conveniences of our times.

Overall it was a very good time with lots of laughs and good companionship.

Attending were:

Mike & Jenny

Kate & Jason

Ian & Marylyn

Rod & Jill

Joe & Heather


Roy & Noreen

Colin & Tricia

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